10 ways to get people vaxing, from Nury Vittachi

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OKAY, SO MY FIRST suggestion for defeating the anti-vaxxers (“sneak the vaccine into Hong Kong’s dumpling supply”) was universally rejected.

However, regular contributors have come up with some alternative ideas, some of which are actually quite good.

10) Bribery. You get HK$500 cash, but only after your second jab.

9) We move the vaccine stations to where the people are – in the shopping malls, between ZARA and McDonald’s, with a free toy.

8) Private companies could offer a generous two days off for vaxxing, even if no side effects.

7) We hand out privilege markers – vaxxed people get a badge, bracelet or card that lets them join groups of six friends in bars, go to concerts, legally stick their tongues out at anti-vaxxers, etc., etc.

6) We get celebrities to let us put their faces on pro-vaxxing hoodies, mugs, memes and lunchboxes. Start with super-sexy Jackson Wang or Ali Lee.

5) Everyone’s vaccination code goes into a raffle for an electric sports car, NIO brand to keep China happy.

4) We make cool slogans for people at the dating age, like “Relax I’m vaxxed” (see pic).

3) Park mobile vax clinics at big housing estates, with an Instagramable stage scene.

2) Do a Mark Six Lucky Draw using only vax numbers.

1) Get our leader to do a pro-vaxxing rap – we’ll write it: Immunitycommunity, Uh-huh uh-huh

* * *

Picture by Max Okhrimenko of Unsplash

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