As snow falls in China, netizens have some fun

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Cold weather neatly hits Beijing on the ancient Chinese calendar's "start of winter"

SNOWBALL FIGHTS, including some large scale ones, broke out in China—and the Internet is having fun today, reporting them in the preferred style of Western media.

WATCH OUR 75-second video report below. Or scroll down for a text report.

Ahsheng Lin suggested captioning the mass snowball fight in the style of a BBC news report: “There were large scale clashes between the Chinese people and the police, and the casualties were unknown.”

Kili imagined a New York Times caption: “People protesting brutal regime.”

Gilena Ranna suggested: “Cold war.”

Guo offered: “Uprising in Xinjiang” and Kam Chan suggested “Genocide by snow.”

I did one in FT style: “Citizens attacked officials to demand a political system which puts power into the hands of great men like Boris and Biden and Trump.”

Meanwhile, citizens of Xinjiang have been sharing videos of snow in their region, including this clip (see video) of Hemu village.  It’s actually really beautiful.

And here’s a cultural note: Many people noted that the Beijing snowfall coincided perfectly with the ancient 24-month traditional calendar that the Chinese use. 

Here’s wishing everyone a happy winter! Peace.

Video clip includes short scenes from many sources; all copyright remains with original owners. Main pic at the top is from Yuyeung Lau of Unsplash

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